Vegetable leaves yellowing cause and solution

Vegetable leaves yellowing cause and solution

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All of you have grown a lot of vegetables in organic farming or in the garden of your house.And you may have got very tasty vegetables from those vegetables, but as you all know, there are some problems in the vegetables of the friends. Remains. One of those problems is that the leaves of the plants yellowing or vegetables should be yellowish, then today we will tell you the reason for this and how it can be removed. "" Vegetable leaves are the cause and solution of yellowing "

 The reason for the leaves of the plants being yellow;

Plants' leaves may be yellow due to many reasons.

● Badge of vegetables -

When the old or the bad seeds are grown, the plants grown from them remain weak, yellow and small. 60% of the seeds do not grow even that which does not grow.

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● Lack of nutrients in the soil -
Plants leaves yellowish even when there is a shortage of nutrients in the soil. The color of the leaves begins to yellow when there is a lack of chlorophyll. Plants are yellowing when there is a lack of nitrogen.

● Due to excessive water and lack of sunlight -

Occasionally, after giving constant water to plants, the leaves begin to yellow for some time. Even if the lack of constant sunlight persists, the leaves of the plants fall yellow

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We can get rid of this problem when I address the plants which are due to yellowing on top.

● Always select healthy coarse strong seeds and germinate the excess quantity of seeds so that other plants can be planted if the plants are damaged.

● Apply seeds only after modifying them so that they can avoid normal diseases.

● Keep nutrients from time to time by providing organic manure in the soil. Farming according to the cycle cycle will not reduce the nutrient deficiency in your soil.

● Use cow dung composting in your fields or soil once in three years. In the three years, the amount of organic material is balanced by composting, which increases nutrient holding capacity in soil. That is why I often recommend to all of you to use dung manure.

● For the completion of nitrogen, once a year, grow any pulse crop in the fields. Just like peas, some pulses will naturally increase the levels of nitrogen in your soil. With the help of manure fertilizer, you also get rid of this problem. You can not use NPK for Grams, but use Vermic compost is more accurate.

● Keep proper arrangements for additional water out of fields, Grams. Take care of the animals before rain, so that you do not have to worry about rainy season. Keep the plants in such a place where the sunlight can get as high as possible.

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