Gobar khad || What Are the Dangers of Cow Compost

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All the plants need fertilization from time to time. Many people fertilize their plants in time and some people do not care if they do not take care of it. Today we are going to talk if you have d compost dung compost without bad manure compost ie in your plants If you give, lots of problems can arise in your plants. What are the problems? Today we will know first we know. What Are the Dangers of Cow Compost

Benefits of dung manure:

What is considered to be a very good organic fertilizer for dung manure composting. By using dung manure, the quantity of organic matter increases in plants, due to the increase of bacteria in the soil, the plants develop well. Dung manure makes the soil frozen so that the roots of the plants get better place to grow. And the development of plants is the true development of plants.

Loss of raw dung manure:

• If the raw dung manure is composted, the addis element is high in compost, which causes the plants to burn. If your plants are much smaller then your plants will die. Never use raw dung manure in more small plants.
• Raw dung manure contains a variety of parasites that can come into the soil of your plant. Some types of insects (sugi etc.) can spoil your soil.
• Raw dung manure is decompressed during the decompost. At that time, methane gas is released which is harmful to your plants and to your health.
• Raw dung manure can bring parasites of other diseases along with you. Which means that your plant may get infected.

How often should dung manure be used?

Generally, if you are making compost fertilizer with compost method, then after 180 days (about 6 months) your dung compost is ready to give it in plants. Compost method is the best method to convert any substance into manure.
If you change the dung of animal dung in the old way as a fertilizer (by making a dung pile at the open place), then after about 360 days (a year) 60% of your dung can be converted into decomposised manure. is. This method is the old method. And not very effective. Never use one year old dung manure.
A new way of decoucing the dung quickly is in vogue. Switching the dung to manure with the help of water.This is a modern way in which the dung or cow dung can be put in a drum filled with water. Then he leaves it for about 90 days. Have lived In 70 to 90 days, your dung turns into a fertilizer. Even in the BayaugaSantra method, we make the salts of dung which occurs after 3 to 4 months after fertilization.
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