the longevity of plants and their nutrients.

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 Today we will give you information about the longevity of plants and their nutrients.
Plants need food for their growth and development. Plants need 17 nutrients mainly for their food. Plants get their food primarily from water and land. '' '

Nutrient derived from air, water and land ---

Carbon oxygen hydrogen potash nitrogen sulfur iron boron nickel zinc chlorine etc. is nutrients

Measures to obtain nutrients in land

 [1] Manure - Nutrients reach the land on organic and inorganic fertilizers in the field, such as -

                    [Dung manure, urea, green manure, DAP]

[2] Rain - Rainfall in the atmosphere during the rainy season

Reaches the ground in the water

[3] Chemical compound - When there is a shortage of subtle elements in the fields, chemical substances such as zinc, zinc sulphate, potass etc. are used so that crops in the fields get rich nutrients.

[4] From crop residues - vegetation remains in plants, leaf stems and root rot gets nutrients to the soil.

   Essential functions of nutrients

[1] The expansion of Wanaspitio

[2] The main place of nitrogen in the formation of green color and protein in the leaf is the production of proteins protoplasm from plants to nitrogen, amino acids

[3] Protein content increases in grains and fodder crops

[4] The grains become sophisticated and puffy

[5] Cannons in sugarcane, wheat, jaw, and oats etc.

Loss of more nitrogen -
 [1] Invasive insect mites and disease on soft plants increases

 [2] If the crop is cooked late, the grain is formed very late in the crop and the weight is also low

[3] The quantity of straw grows than grain

[4] Sugar content is reduced by giving more nitrogen in the sugarcane crop.

[5] Plants grow and fall after consuming more nitrogen

Symptoms of Nitrogen Lacking -

[1] Plants remain dwarf

[2] Plants appear to be light yellow

[3] Percentage of protein is low

[4] Whiskers break down in crops with a whistle

[5] The color of the leaves becomes white due to its excessive deficiency

Remedies for removing nitrogen deficiency

If the crop is starting to decline in the starting phase, then good results can be given in giving nitrogen. When determining the required amount of nitrogen while making the crop plan, if the loss of nitrogen in the plant has suffered due to the conversion of nitrogen There is no benefit if the lack of nitrogen is seen when the plant is cooked, then do not give extra nitrogen at that time;

Plants and their nutrients
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