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Today we will give you all the information about growing cabbage. This vegetable is the main ingredient in the whole of India. It is cultivated throughout the year. Its farmers can avail more benefits. It is used in the form of vegetable, soup, pickle, along with protein and other. Vegetables are found in excessive quantity and its crop is 60-120 days and its yield is increased in large quantity and after planting, the plant becomes eligible for about 3 months after


Cauliflower requires cold and humid climate, high temperatures or low heat and less atmospheric concentrations are harmful to cauliflower. If the days are relatively shorter, then the increase of the flower is higher. When the temperature is high, the flowers become leafy and yellow when flower is ready. Cultivation of cauliflower is usually from July to April.


Fertile land for flower cabbage, soil-loam soil, smooth soil which is considered to be the best, to grow flower cabbage, the pH value of the land should be 5.5 to 6.8, which is good for cultivation of adequate organic manure.


For cauliflower crops, it is generally required to be irrigated with the difference of 10-15 days. It should be noted that there should be no shortage of moisture during flowering, the backward varieties need more water than in previous varieties. Irrigation must be done in the morning

Manure and fertilizer
In order to get more yield of flower cabbage, it is necessary to fertilize the land in adequate quantity. The main weather crop requires relatively high nutrients, for this, in a hectare land, add 35-40 quintals of cow dung manure and 1 quill with a neem cake. Vermi Wash is used after 15 days of using chemical compost, 120 kg of nitrogen, 60 kg phosphorus and 60 kg Ram should be used as potash element

Flower cabbage transplant

 Planting and sowing is done as per crop time. For example, from mid-June to early July, planting plants should be planted after planting 45 cm meter row and 45 centimeter from the plant and plants should be planted 30 days after planting. The middle crop should be planted in mid-August. After the preparation of the plant, after 30 days of planting seedlings should be planted at a distance of 50 centimeters from row to row and plant length of 50 cm per plant. In the last crop, the plant should be planted from mid-October to mid-November. After 30 days of plant preparation, transplanting should be planted at a distance of 60 centimeters from row to row and 60 centimeters of plant

Pest control

Cauliflower is cured in the flower cabbage, which causes it to attack roots, due to which the plant gets dry


If you want that there is no disease in flower cabbage, then you should use neem fertilizers in the field. This insect sucks the juice of leaves and other soft parts of the plants, due to which the leaf pellet falls. Neem debris for its prevention Mix with cow urine and mix well and mix 750 m Lee. Sprinkle the mixture according to the pump according to the pump.

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Cut the flower cabbage, then grow it, grow its flower completely; flower should be solid and attractive; according to the caste, after transplanting, on the next day, 70 -80 days should be harvested medium

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