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Today, we will give you information about the advanced cultivation of potatoes, potato is a vegetable that is used most and the reason is that potatoes can be stored longer than other vegetables. Potato Indian Economy Potato is a big contribution. Potato per hectare most

If you are a farmer, then potato crop can be a good deal for you. To take more profit from the potato crop you will have to adopt a modern farming method instead of traditional traditional method of potato.

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 Potato seeds

You have to change the way you cultivate and you will have some changes

Grow the seeds of advanced species of potatoes.

Select the seed according to the climate, climate.

Some Advanced Varieties

1- Kufri Decking (for Agadhi Crop)

2-kuffery redness (for the new crop)

3-jh 222 {For Agate Crop}

4-Kuffri Chandramukhi (For Agape)

5-Kufari Emperor (for the middle crop)

6-Kufri Sinduriya {For the Middle Crop}

7-Kuffri Dev (for the late harvest)

8-Kufri farmer (for late harvest)

The latest variety of potatoes

Kufri Himansona

Kufri Anand

Kufri Himalani

Kufri Chipsona

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 Sowing method

Several methods of planting potatoes are in vogue like

 1-Planting the soil and planting potatoes

Sowing potatoes on 2-Med,

3-Draining soil after planting potatoes

The best way is to flatten the soil and sow potatoes.

Seed is the most important constituent of potato cultivation, as far as potato seeds should be grown without cutting, more yield is obtained.

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Seed treatment

In order to avoid rotting potato seeds and to prevent disease, 0.25% should be dipped 5 to 10 minutes in salt water solution solution

Time of sowing

The temperature of 18 to 30 degrees for sowing of potato remains true. The correct time of growing potato in northern India is low

Agate varieties from 20 September to 15 October

Main crop varieties - from October 15 to October

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 Manure for potatoes
1- Dung manure 150 to 200 knoals [per hect] {apply 1 month before planting potatoes}
2-urea -185 kg [per hecta]
3-phosphorus-80-100 kg [per hected]
4- potass-80-100 kg [per hected]

For good evaporation of potato requires 6 to 10 fertilizers, the first irrigation is done immediately after the germination and the subsequent irrigation is required.
Dry clay and saline control are necessary in the potato crop
Potato Diseases and Their Prevention
1-Aggressive scorching - This disease occurs due to fungus 20 to 25 days after planting, the leaves begin to form black or almond rays
Prevention - Dilute 2 kg of Diethane M-45 only in 1000 liters of water and sprinkle it
2-Longer scorching -The most dangerous disease of potato is due to the fungus, black brown spots in the leaves begin to form from the side of the leaves and spread inwards. Later this disease also takes the dodle in its grip
Prevention -
Dilute 2 kg of Dietene am -45 to 1000 liters of water and sprinkle it 2 to 3 within 10-12 days intervals.
Mosaic Disease - This disease is caused by the virus of mahoo kit. Potato leaves fall yellowish and the plants do not develop.
Prevention - Burn the diseased plant and burn it, add medicines to prevent mahu
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