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You will get acquainted with the flowers of Marigold, you will get married, birthdays, or any festival of flowers will be found everywhere. Today, we will tell you about the low cost and high yielding lilies. If you are a farmer then you can make more profit by making lime crop.

Use of marigold flowers-

Apart from this, it is used as a mango flower, apart from it, oil, perfume, and many medicines are used with the lilies of flowers. Arthritis of the marigold leaves use the lilies of flowers in acne and many other skin related diseases.

Ceramics for the marigold-

Sugarcane can be cultivated in all types of soils, but the lime crop in the proper drainage soil is very good. Soil is so good that it will be as good as the soil. Mango is not right in more acidic or more sandy soils. Can be found

Timber harvesting season

Cereals can be grown in rain, winter and summer in India, from June to July, in the winter season from September to October and in the summer it is harvested from January to February.

Advanced varieties of marigold.

Two varieties of ginger is one of the African marigold and the second is the French marigold, you can grow both of the lilies. For the summer French Marigold remains much better.

Preparation of putting the marigold in the field

Take the field well before planting a lime crop. In the field, you have to mix dung compost in the field that you want to harvest in your farm, add 150 kg of superfast and 125 kg potash. Leave it for 1 month by plowing the farm after 1 month. Small plants can be planted.

Preparation of small small plants of marigold.

In order to grow the lentil crop from the seed, the first small seedling is prepared from the seeds of the calf. To prepare the plant, you should choose a cool and light shady place. In 20 to 30 days, small seedlings of gedens are prepared from the seeds of the lentils. These small small plants of 30 to 40 days are planted in the field. 2 feet of the litter from the lint in the field and the line to line 2.5 Fit should be kept.

Production and Benefits - One-acre farm takes 8-10 kg of plants. Every plant produces flowers from 1 to 2 kg. In the market, prices get between 10 to 30 rupees per kg. Thus, you can get profits from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh per acre.
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