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Today, we will give you information about cotton cultivation. Cotton is a fertile crop grown in khareeb

Soil and Climate -

The clay soil is best for cotton. Water quality on the cotton properties, the sun's light air, etc. The effect of the carcinogens is good, for the successful cultivation of cotton, the annual rainfall is 60 cm to 110 cm, cotton is suitable Black soil area is in central and southern India

Crop system

In the fields, farmers cultivate crops along with cotton seeds and turmeric molasses etc.

After 6 to 8 lines of cotton, 1 or 2 queue has more benefit than the seed of Arhar //

Before harvest of cotton in the field, it is best to harvest pulse. It increases crop yield by 15-20% in the field.

Properties of cotton- 

The production of good quality clothes depends on the quality of cotton used; various qualities of cotton depend on the properties of fiber. Quality of cotton depends on the following things:

[1] Length of fiber - Longer fibrous cotton is considered to be of good quality; Lower caste varieties of cotton are below ---

[A] Long-fiber species-216 F and 302 F

[B] species of medium fibers - Mahalaxmi; Head and Hampi etc. '' '

A [C] small fiber-species -35 and 520 etc.

[2] Thread color - The color of the thread in the cotton is khaki brown green and white. Sometimes these colors are found to be raw and solid. Pure cotton yarn cotton is considered as good white color of cotton yarn is considered to be very good is

Cotton humidity-

Cotton absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. The effect of this moisture is the effect of the fiber of the fiber has the effect on flexibility and other properties. It is beneficial for cotton to be of little moisture.

Factors That Affect Cotton Properties

[1] Impact of compost - Increasing use of nitrogen and phosphorus reduces the length and strength of the fibers. 30 kg of phosphorus gives more fiber length

[2] Impact of Soil - By cultivating cotton in more fertile soil, there is an increase in the size and weight of the binoles, hence the percentage of fiber in cotton in the fertile land is reduced.

[3] Cotton varieties - Fiber from good quality is obtained from certain castes, such species should always be selected and sown /

   [4] Seeds - Binole seeds are used for cotton sowing. Seed should always be pure according to caste free from the invasion of insects and insects.

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Methods of Seed Treatment -
The main purpose of seed treatment is to destroy the rye of the seed over the seed, increase the seed germination and release the seeds from the diseases. The following methods have to be separated from the seed ---

How to cultivate cotton cultivation
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