growing seeds in rainy season

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The raindrops of the rain has made it that now the weather is changing. The heat will come and rain is coming. Looking forward to the people of the gardening, waiting for the rain. The plants that were dying in the heat will now rise. If the rain brings some benefit, then some problems also arise. One of those problems is problem.Increasing the seeds in the rainy season.Because in the rainy season, the seeds are easily grown, but they can not survive. Today, what we have to do to keep you in planting seeds in the monsoon season. Will explain.

■ Selection of seeds -

The first thing in the rainy season is to choose the good and healthy seeds. Do not buy low-quality seeds in the greed of the world. You should buy seeds of a well-known company.

■ Select the soil and make Potting Mix.

To grow the seeds in rainy season, you should always use the soil (easily drain the water). Fertilizer should be fully decompressed in soil. Do not forget to use raw manure. Using raw manure, the insects also fall into the soil.
Ordinary soil 50%
Sand / sand 30%
Compost manure 20%

You must use some quantity of fungicide powder to protect the plants from the seeds grown in the soil.

■ Method of putting seeds in the soil -

It is important that you plant them in depth when growing seeds. Do not make monsoon seeds deeper in the soil. When planting deep seeds, they fall down to the surface of the ground. In the rainy season, you put the seeds on the top of the soil and give a damp spray of dung manure or sand dirt. No need to put more soil.

■ Precautions

• Use anti-powdered powder to prevent seeds from baking.
• Save the seeds of seeds from the straight bulls of barishers. If your rain rains, your seeds can flow from the soil. After planting seeds, cover seeds with a newspaper or a haystack.
• Do not give more water during the rainy season. In the past, there is necessary moisture in the first place. In such a case, if you give more water then plant or seed can stuck.
• Mix the sand in the soil so that the excess water flows through the soil after excessive rainfall.
• Remove the water or water that is filled with heavy rain after the rain. If your water gets hot, your plants will get damaged.
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