What to do in the garden in September

It is very important to look after the garden after the rainy season.In the month of the month, when rain is stopped.You can do some things in your garden at that time.Today we are going to talk. To be done in the garden in the month of September Important work There is a lot of work that is very important for our garden.What to do in the garden in September 

■ Cleaning of the garden -

After the rains there are many dirt in the garden. Germs of diseases with rain also come into the garden, so once the rainy season is over, clean the garden once.

■ Tree cutting of plants - Removal -

During the rainy season the plants grow rapidly. This can reduce the number of fruits, flowers etc. on plants. So after the rains, the growing branches of plants, dry branches, or rotten street branches should be cut off all this. If a plant has grown bigger then its harvesting-cut-outs is very important.

■ Spraying of Fungicide Medication-

After the rainy season, rotting and mashing of plants is spread very rapidly. To protect your garden plants from dying, you must sprinkle frogside medicines on your garden plants at regular intervals.
Fungicide medicine name - clean or bavistin
Mix 2 grams of Fungicide powder in one liter of water and sprinkle it twice a week on plants.

■ Anti-Drug Medication

After rainy 80% of the plants are killed due to termites. Seasonal weather is over. After you have done immediately, you should definitely put some anti-inflammatory medicines in your garden plants. Termite once it gets planted on your plant then it becomes difficult to save the plant. To prevent termites, you must use biological antivirals.

■ Rubbish clay rust-

After the rainy season the soil of the pot becomes solid. The root growth of the plants is not due due to the soil moisture. Therefore, after the rainy season, immediately remove the clay soil from the soil. This will make the soil soaked Plants can grow well

■ Preparation of growing winter season plants

In the month of September you can grow the winter season plants. For this, you can buy flowers of plants of flowers, fertilizers, medicines etc. And if you have bought seeds then you can start growing seeds near the month of September.

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