caring vegetables during rainy

Vegetable caring in Rain || Maintenance of vegetables in the rainy season

With rainy season, some problems also occur. As plants grow, the plants get a new life. But in the rainy season the plants have to be monitored more or they have many problems in your plants. Damage can occur. Today we will talk about how to look after the vegetables .vegetable caring in rain

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● In the rainy season, the leaves of leafy vegetables on the leafy vegetables, and the outbreak of sugars, are in large numbers.Don't stay much water at this time in the fertilizer, fenugreek, soya etc. To kill the insects, you can use the pesticides of neem leaves Chhikkab can also save your vegetables on the leaves of ash leaves of these organs.

● If water is continuously stopping in your plants in rainy season. If you have put an eggplant, chilli, bean or bhindi, then your fruits will get reduced on the vegetables or you may not get fruits on your vegetables. For this prevention, keep proper arrangements for extra water in the karias or pistols.caring vegetables during  rainy

 ● In the rainy season, sometimes there is no sunlight for many days, if this happens, then the fungus or granulation disease starts in the plants' joints. For the prevention of this, you can clean the fungicide called clean. You can also use this Bavistine powder.

● Once roasted every 15 days, keep roasting of light organic peaticide on its vegetables.
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