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Manure in agriculture or horticulture is one of the most important components. Without composting you can not think about farming. Fertilize is necessary for the good development of milk. Today, we will talk about organic manure between earthworm fertilizers. It is also called Vermicompost fertilizer.
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Preparation of Vermicompost compost -
As you understand by name, this compost is prepared by earthworms. A pile of leaves, dung, street litter etc. are made and left earthworms in it. This earthworm catches dough very quickly and quickly decomposes it.Which very soon you get very good manure in about 100 to 120 days. It is called Vermicompost fertilizer.

Vermicompost fertilizer-
There is no smell in this compost, mosquitoes also do not grow and your environment is not polluted. If this compost is made in shade then the temperature is correct. So the bacteria quickly turns the waste into compost. This compost is ready in about 2 months. Vermicompost manure contains 2 to 3% nitrogen, 1.5 to 2% sulfur, and about 2% potassus is found. It is considered a complete fertilizer.

• Vermicompost compost is the most prepared compost. It is ready in 2 months.
• 100 sq ft. Paid. You can make Vermicompost manure up to one ton. And you can do this work at your home.
• Only 2 tonnes of earthworm manure is enough for a hectare farm.
• Vermicompost fertilizers also increase ketchu.You can also earn profits by selling earthworms.

Characteristics of Vermicompost Manure
■ Nitrogen, phosphorus, potass and other micronutrients are found in excess quantity as compared to dung manure in vermicompost.
■ Micro organisms, vitamins and hormones are also found in proper quantity of compost compost. It is more effective than other fertilizers.
■ If you use this compost in the fields then there is less soil erosion. Soil capacity of soil increases. Fertility of sweet potato increases.
■ The use of vermicomial fertilizers does not require chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers in crops.
■ Vermicompost compost is a balanced organic manure that works very well for the development of plants.

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