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Everyone will be familiar with the sweetness of mogra. So one of the many flowering plants giving flowers is Mogra i.e. Jasmine. To celebrate Magura, there is a fame to give you a glimpse of women. You must have seen the women of Gajra, mostly mogra flowers Is made from. Today we will tell you to look after the mogra and if your mogra does not flower then you will know what is the reason.

When to plant Jasmine plant-

The best time to apply mogra in north India is from February to April. After August, even after August, mogra can be grown from katig. Its plant starts growing like a leopard. Excessive winter season Flowers come on the full moon year.

Due to not having flowers on Jasmine-

• Do not get enough sunlight for the plant Mogre plant should get 4,5 hours of sunshine

• If your plant is not fertilized at the right time in the soil due to lack of nutrients in the soil then your plant will not blossom.

• Harvesting of plant should be done twice in the year of harvesting of mogra plant. You will get more number of flowers and flowers.

What do you do if you do not have flowers on Jasmine

• Mogre needs to have the right amount of watering. Flowers come off when the water is low.

• Once every 15 days, you should give it to the Mogra Plant. Manure / Sugarcane Peel Fertilizer Composting should be done once a month.

• Use the tea leaves of the desired tea in the mogre plant. The shape of the flowers will be corrected by chewing fruit and the leaves will become green. The leafy leaves will become green.

• Jasmine plant should get 4,5 hours of sunlight.

• If there is no flower in the mogra plant, do not forget to plant it in the plant and give a day of heavy sunlight and then give water by putting cow dung / compost. For some days your mogra will be filled with flowers.

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