how to grow Periwinkle plants

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Evergreen plants you will all know very much is an evergreen plant from flowering plants native and hybrid occurs in two or plant Hakdeshi Evergreen Thodaa mega While hybrid evergreen Thodaa less mega but Bdae Flowers are gonna be present.Today we will tell you how to apply the evergreen and what to look after it.

■ Ways to grow Periwinkle plants -
 Periwinkle plants can be grown in two ways.

• Seeds

• From cutting

The way to grow from seed -

Evergreen is very easy to grow from seed.Just you have to have the right quality seeds. Its seeds are very small. So should be carefully planted in the soil while growing.

To grow the seeds, prepare a mixture of 50% ordinary soil 30% dung compost 20% sand in the soil. Do not give water after planting seeds. Choose a place where there is no bright sunshine.

Cutting  Periwinkle

Hybrid variety of evergreen plants grown under plant not Hotakbij correct plant came seeds are Hakkyoki Inken plants grown from cuttings turn as native plants choose the strongest branch of the growing evergreen with Hakkting to branch Tukdo 3 inches by 2 engaged in cutting soil Denkapaki cutting Sdae can not be used with some Sdan prevention drug for its plant cutting 30 days from 20 children Neck is ready. The plant grown on this technique has many beautiful and big flowers.

Cautionary precautions

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Evergreen plant is affected very quickly by both the sun and water. If you keep giving it continuous water, then it gets very fast. Therefore keep the right place for water in its pot. If there is too much sunlight then it is also scorched very quickly, then in the hot sunlight, you grow the evergreen under GreenNet or at some shady place.

What to do to get more flowers on Periwinkle plants


If you are both less than the want to flower takes seed in the Big volume fruit evergreen that is becoming that seed right Denksadabhar shaped evergreen flowers on the seed and the number evergreen.



 Periwinkle plants does not need any compost, you can give dung or compost twice a month. In the last 2 months, planting of H bar must be done.
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