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There is a period of inflation, as well as more pollution than the extent that inspires us to do something different, if you want to see your family and yourself healthy then you should eat healthy food. But nowadays, getting clean (pesticide-free) food items is not only difficult but it has become impossible. So today we will tell you what to do if you want to eat polluted free vegetables. It will be very simple and cheap too. Vegetables at home

Pesticide-free vegetables grow themselves -

Yes, friends are a simple way to avoid chemical poisoning that you should use vegetables for your own use at home. If you own a garden then it is very good that in the garden of the garden you can easily grow seasonal vegetables. Even if you have only a roof, you will not be disappointed, vegetables will grow on the terrace too. Let us tell you what you have to do?

Requirements -

Old potatoes, old buckets, spices, containers, plastic drums, dung manure, seasonal vegetable seeds, ground digging tools (cranial, shovel), hajra, pipe to give water etc.

What to do -

If you want to grow vegetables on the roof of the house then you should put the old buckets, pots, containers, mats etc. on the roof from the junk of your house, after which the common soil 50% dung manure 40% neem cake 10% Prepare and fill up your home farm is ready to grow vegetables

seed -

See, vegetables also come in two varieties of vegetables. In simple terms, if there is a domestic seed and other high breed seeds, if you are fond of taste, then the indigenous vegetables are grown only on the plants grown on the indigenous seeds, but the vegetables are less Vegetables are very tasty. If you want to grow more vegetables, then you should grow vegetables from high breed seeds.

 Where to buy seeds? -

You can buy this seed etc. in the nearest market where seed medicines are found etc. If you are from a small place then do not be frustrated, you can also order seeds from the online site. Always use good quality seeds

Let's start gardening -

Take all the bags after you have taken some time, place your bag / bucket on the roof where the incubation is longer. Some vegetables you can grow directly in the soil such as coriander, fenugreek, spinach, gourd, cucumber, pumpkin, Tortoise, Tinda, beans etc. While small vegetables are prepared before some vegetables. Such as brinjal, tomato, gobi, chilli etc.

When to grow?

1 - In winter -

Spinach, fenugreek, coriander, gobi, beans, chillies, capsicum, peas, tomato, potatoes, radish, turnips

2- In the summer -

Brinjal, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Tinda, Radish, Bhindi, Torai, Loki, Melon, Watermelon, Coriander

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Preparation of Growing Vegetables
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