Organic pesticides for vegetables

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All of you are busy in your horticulture, you will be getting ,good flowers and good vegetables but there are problems coming from time to time in horticulture. If you are gathering vegetables at home then worms come on them. The dogs eating cats attack. So today we will tell you how you can make organic pesticides at your own home so that you can protect your vegetables. Every biological insecticidal, chemical is less effective than pesticides. But this is not harmful for our health. Along with this, it helps us to keep our environment clean and pollution free.Or so today, we will tell you in this article that what you can do at home By making organic pesticides can be done.

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Materials needed to make organic pesticides

There are many ways to make organic pesticides, we will tell you the simplest way.
A clay pot can also take 50 liter capacity / plastic drum.
▪2 liter native cow urine
▪2 kg of neem leaves
▪ 2 kg of desi kenner leaves
▪ 2 kg leaves of arand
▪ 2 kg of Sahajan leaves
▪ 2 kg papaya leaves

Friends, the one who has given me the leaves is the best if you get it. If you do not get it then your work will be done even with the leaves of some plants. If you get dhoti's leaves and fruits, then your biological pesticide becomes very good Will go
Method of making organic pesticides

making organic pesticide

Friends, you have to make organic pesticides, then put the above mentioned material in a clay mold. If you do not have soil clay, then you can make this biological pesticide in plastic drum too. You can reduce the amount of pesticides as per your requirement or reduce it. Keep in mind that 10% of the quantity of biological pesticide should be as Gumutra as if you have 20 kg of leaves and 2 kg should be cow urine. First of all, Put all of these husbands, then after crushing these leaves with the help of a wood. After that, put cow's urine in the pot and then fill the pot with pure water. You should keep the amount of water so that all your submissions are submerged in water. The mouth of this mat is closed with a plastic polythene, you can do some holes for air. You have to keep this Matte of biological insect in shadow. After about 15 days it becomes ready. You used to move this solution with the help of a wood in between 15- 15 days later your biological insecticide is ready.
note :
You can only make this biological pesticide with neem leaves and cow urine.

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Use of Organic Pesticides

Before using organic pesticides, add 100 grams of blue pellet in the batter. After that you can filter this pesticide with the help of a cloth or sieve. Mix 2 liters of water in 10 liters of water and sprinkle on your plants. If the plants are too old, then increase the amount of biological pesticides, add more than 50% water to the small plants, and sprinkle the insecticide.

Which disease organic insecticide application

▪ Leaf eating insects
▪ Fluffy insects
▪ Mango / Chamba Disease
▪ on arrival
▪ Drying of leaves due to combustion
▪ on falling flower

Friends, you always use organic pesticides in vegetables. When using the vegetables you add blue thumb (50 grams). Use vegetables to eat after 48 hours of the drug spraying.

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