Neem's medicinal benefits // Benefits of eating neem leaves

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Neem is an important drug in India, which is being used for many thousands of years. In today's time many English medicines are made from neem leaf and its tree. Every one of the neem tree is beneficial, the treatment of many major diseases is done by it. Neem trees in India are considered to be auspicious in the home, people use it in their home so that they can take advantage of it. Neem leaves from India are exported in 34 countries.
Neem's taste is bitter, but the bitter it is, the same benefits are diminished. Let me make you aware of Neem's properties and its benefits today, which you can easily remove from many diseases by using at home.

Neem use

As medicine

Neem leaf leprosy, eye disease, hemorrhoids, stomach worms, digestion, loss of appetite, skin diseases, heart
And it helps in troubleshooting the problems of blood nerves, fever, diabetes, gums, liver etc.
In neem bari malaria, it is useful in stomach or intestinal ulcers, skin diseases, tooth and gum problems etc.
Neem's teeth are still used by many people today. It also gets in the Datun market. This leads to plaque in the tooth, and there is protection from swelling or bleeding in the gums, smell of mouth.
Neem flowers Neem ke fool are used to reduce pitta, erase phlegm and erase stomach insects.
The fruit of Neem, which is called Nimodi Nimodi or Nimboodi Nimbodi, comes in the form of hemorrhoids, stomach worms, hemorrhoids, piss problem, cough, wounds, diabetes, problems of eyes etc. Neem oil Neem ka tel is used for hair, for the strength of the liver, to clean blood, and to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood.

In the form of insecticide

Neem leaves are placed in the cupboard to avoid the cloth pests. They are laid down in the drum or pipe etc. before filling wheat or rice etc. so that they do not get worms. Mosquitoes are removed by burning neem leaves. Neem leaf manure is composted by which the crop can avoid many kinds of diseases. By planting neem oil in the water on the plant which is planted in gables, spraying of insect pests on the plant is destroyed. The seeds of Nimboi are grinded to powder and then it soaked in water overnight. This pest prevents the pests from sprinkling this water on the crop. It does not kill insects directly, but by sprinkling it leaves the insect leaf, laying eggs on the leaves etc. and so on. In this way, the crop is protected from spoilage. Neem also prevents insects from getting out of the eggs. Neem oil also works in the treatment of termites.

Eat food

Neem flower is used during the festival of 'Ugadi', which is celebrated in South India. The 'Ugadi' festival is celebrated by eating neem flowers and jaggery. Kadhi is made from fresh flowers of neem in Karnataka in south India. If there is no fresh flower, then dried flowers are used in work. In Tamil Nadu it is inserted in the rasam made from tamarind.
Neem's soft leaves and eggplant vegetable are made in Bengal. It is eaten with rice.
Gudi Padava in Maharashtra i.e. the start of the new year, in a small quantity is done by consuming neem leaves or its juice. This prevents the problems caused by climate change and bile disorder.
Neem leaves are considered to be bitter due to bitter patch. It is beneficial to take a soft neem leaf in Chaitra month. Often in the month of Chaitra, knowledgeable people are seen by breaking neem's soft leaves.

benefits of neem

Virus infection

Neem has been used to prevent the spread of diseases such as chicken pox, small pox i.e. smallpox or bodari due to virus. By grinding neem leaves, the virus does not spread to the skin on the other side. It can also remove harmful viruses such as herpes. If you have chicken pox, neem leaves are very beneficial to boil with water. This gives skin relief and this infection does not spread to other places.
Due to the skin diseases, bathing with neem leaves in water, this bath is very beneficial. It also provides relief in skin itching or burning sensation. Drinking this water destroys stomach worms and improves the intestinal mechanisms.

Heart care

Drinking water by boiling neem leaves in water, there is flexibility in the veins by which water pressure decreases. It is helpful in regularizing heartbeat and thus controls hypertension.
For hair
Dandruff is cleaned by washing neem leaves and washing head with boiled water. Hair fall decreases.
For eyes
Fresh neem leaves are boiled in water, after washing the eyes, it is beneficial for conjunctivitis and eye irritation, burning sensation in the eye.


Neem leaves have been found to be effective in preventing malaria fever. Neem leaves prevent mosquito from growing.
Joint pain
Applying neem oil gives relief in muscle and joints pain.
Insect bite
By grinding neem leaves, it provides relief in inflammation and burning sensation due to insect bites.


Neem leaves can be helpful in increasing the beauty of the skin. Mixing neem leaves and turmeric together helps in acne, pimples, acne etc.. Every type of skin erases the infection. The skin is soft. Boiled water works like a skin toner by putting neem leaves. It uses acne, scar, black head etc. and the color fades. Its face pack can also be made. For this, boil some neem leaves and orange peels in some water. Filter by cooling the water. Add maltani clay, curd, honey and milk to make a smooth paste. Let it dry on the face and wash it again. It causes a rash on the face and boils, fur, black head, white head etc. are eradicated.

Throat infection

Neck water is full of throats due to the garrets. Eating soft leaves of neem gives relief in winter, cold, flu, viral fever etc.

Caution in using neem

Neem is a medicine. Some rules for taking any medication are avoids, etc. Otherwise the drug may also become harmful. Caution is also necessary in the use of Neem. So, keep these things in mind.
The use of neem oil or leaf for children can be a loss. Neem can be proven for small children. It may cause symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, unconsciousness. Neem leaves or oils should not be given to the young children by mouth. The use of neem oil for a long time is harmful. It can cause kidney and liver damage. In pregnancy and lactating mother, the neem leaves should not be eaten. Neem consumption can cause abortion. Neem should be carefully used if diabetic medicine is in use. Neem also reduces the amount of sugar in the blood. If the child wants, neem should not be used. It can weaken the sperm. Click here to know how to become pregnant. If there is an operation of organ
transplantation in some way then neem should not be used. It is likely to reduce the effect of the drug. Neem should not be used during any of the operations around any type of operation. If the drug related to the amine system is in progress, then the effect of the drug due to neem can be reduced, so Be careful. If there is a drug that has lithium, then using neem can be harmful, so consult the therapeutic instructions.

                          By Ravindra Pratap

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