Papaya Cultivation Guide || Advanced cultivation of papaya

Advanced cultivation of papaya

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 How do you expect me to tell you today that all of you will be better, how to cultivate papaya, which will benefit you more. Low cost and profit is high in papaya cultivation. Papaya is delicious to eat. Vitamin A, C and E are found in papaya. A Papen called Papen is also found in papaya. The extra fat which is used for smelting. Papaya is the fruit that is ready in a short time. Which is used in raw and ripe form. And the cultivation of papaya is increasing day by day.

Papaya cultivation time

Papaya plants can be planted 3 times a year.
(1) July-August.
(2) Sept-Oct.
(3) February - March |


At a distance of 2x 2 meters in a well prepared farm, digging 50x50x50 cm in the pit and leaving it open for 15 days. By which the Gaddo should be well sunny and the harmful insects - the beans are destroyed. Gaddo should be filled with half mud and half-rotten dung manure and fortate 10 g 2.5 gram in this way. The groundwater is 10-15 cm high above the ground. Irrigation should be done after filling the gaddo. So that the soil should sit well, two-three plants should be planted in a pond at a small distance. After planting the plants should be well irrigated.

Looping land is the best for papaya. Medium black or alluvial soil is also suitable for this. The soil affected by water flowing is not suitable for papaya. Papaya gets worse by giving more water

Papaya hot spring plant Which can be grown in those areas also in warmer climates. Where the effect of the ear is less. Open sun and irrigation management should be done for successful production. For this, the temperature should not exceed 43 degrees C in summer and 4.5 degrees C in the winter.

Papaya should be irrigated by 10 -12 days in winter and 6 -8 days in summer. If rain is not done properly in the rainy season. So one-two punches are given. Regular irrigation should be done to take good yields of papaya.
Weeding hoeing

Weeding should be done 3-4 times for weed control in the papaya horticulture. Weeding - soil should also be mounted around the plant during discharge. The plants do not fall from the strong wind.

Pest control

(1) Red spider - mite ___ The outbreak of this insect occurs on leaves and fruit, it sucks juice from insect leaves. Where leaves fall yellow

For control of this pest, dilute the malathin 50 ° C 0.1 percent by spraying it.
(2) Masu sucks juice from adult and infant plants of this insect and takes damage to plants and helps in spreading disease.

The prevention should be dissolved in Dimethoate 30 ° C. 1.5 ml per liter of water.

Pest protection

There are many types of diseases on papaya. Therefore, they should be protected from time to time. In spite of this, papaya does not have insects but due to excessive heat and more cold, papaya occurs in insects. If a pest called Mosaic is found in papaya, then the plant should be uprooted and throw it out. The epidemic, mite fruit fly outbreak also happens on papaya. To protect it, Metasistak should be sprayed on a plant at one liter per hectare. And second spraying should be done at 15 - 20 days intervals. Do not let the plants water near the water to protect the disease.

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