how to grow Hibiscus by cutting

Growing hibiscus from cutting || An easy way to grow a hibiscus plant


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How do you expect us to be all the better. And be busy in your gardening. All of you are familiar with Hibiscus  and Hibiscus plant is very lovely plant, so beautiful flowers come on it that everyone wants to put it in their garden. It is very easy to apply it, at this time you can grow like this easily.
Today, I will tell you to apply the scarf to the cutting. First of all, if you want to put the handkerchief in the cutting, then the rosary can be grown easily with cutting.

To grow grass, you must have a good branch of rosemary. As well as for this, we have to use normal clay for it, by mixing dung manure compost, we can grow the cutting of Gulhard.

Hibiscus growing from cutting

Do not pick up new or older branches to grow grasshoppers. One year old branch keeps the best for cutting.
▪ Cutting is cut by 45 ° angle. Cutting should not be cut during cutting.
▪Cutting should not be too long.

Cutting of Powder You can grow very easily in the soil. What kind of soil do you put in and which variety will be best for you? And how much is the compost.
▪ The best suitable soil for soil crushing soil is the best soil moist soil; apart from this, you can grow it in smooth clay and red soil too, there are very good flowers of Gudhal in red clay.

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Potting mix for Hibiscus

 If you are making clay to grow coconut then make more sand sand. What kind of clay can be made to grow coconut?

Ordinary soil 50%
Sand 20%
 30% of dung

In this way, you can make clay for coconut

Gudhal Species

   Apart from the native Gulhad, there are hundreds of species of Gülhal. Like Desh Gurdahal, Bengaluru Gulhad, Kolkata Gudhal, English Gurdahal American Gudhal etc.

Manure for hibiscus

  Now will talk about organic fertilizers such as vermicompost compost, dung manure as best diet for manure compost, can also use bone meal (bone chura) for special development of Gudhal. Apart from this, Gudhal needs sunlight in the sun for faster development. Due to dung manure from 12 to 15 days in Gudhal plant.

hibiscus  diseases

There are many diseases that occur on the cough. The most common type of hibiscus is dried in the form of a termite. And the coconut leaves fall yellow. Hibiscus leaves get yellowing due to over wataring too. By giving too much water, fungal diseases are found in the root of Gudhal, which leads to rotting the branches of coconut. Use fungicidal powder to control fungus. Use it The fungal disease that is coming from Gudhal goes away.
▪ Due to depletion of nutrients, flowering stops at Gudhal. The leaves begin to fall slightly yellow.
▪ Peel fertileizer made from peeled peel is very beneficial for Gudhal. Flowers begin to flow twice through the month.

Why doeshibiscus leaves yellow?

By Ravindra Pratap (Home garden)
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