how to grow bottle gourd at home

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Today we will tell you to make Loki at home. If you are interested in growing the vegetables then you must first take a large container and mix it well in soil and dung (60% soil + 30% fertilizer + 10 sand) Mix up And then put it in the container. After this you press the gourd seeds in the soil. Do not make the seeds deeper than half an inch. After adding seeds, add some water in it, gourd gourd from gourd seed in 4-5 days. After that, you make a roof of 8-12 feet high (with a rope or bamboo) on your roof, and then pour the gourd oil on it.

To grow gourd at home

If you want to apply gourd at home So for this, you have to take a small container or bag. You can also grow gourds in plastic sacks very easily. The more the quantity of clay will be in your bag or container, the better gourd production will be there, then you take a bigger than 14 inches or grow gourd in a large drum. To grow gourd select a good variety of seeds. Also, modify seed with neem ash or turmeric powder before applying the seed so that your seed is not bad.

For the good development of gourd

If you want your gourd plant to grow well, then after 20 days of gourd germination you will have to compost the D compost dung.Once 50 grams of dung manure is enough.It is twice a month in gourd Compost can be fertilized in the plant. The kitchen also needs a lot of sunlight. Also keep water in the plant from time to time. Vermicompost compost also works well for the overall development of plants. You can sometimes use vermicompost compost also in the gourd. Do not let the water in the gourd when the flowers come in. Restrict the amount of water to be given.

Avoid falling gourd flowers to fall.

Even if the flowers of your gourds are falling or are dried up.And you have become disturbed.Your gourd flower leaves only 3 or 4 out of 10. You do not need to panic. There is a fly on the gourd gourd, The egg leaves on the flower. So there is nothing to worry about. First, make a powder by mixing both ash and neem leaves. In the morning when there are dew drops on the loci leaves, then put this powder on your gourd plant. Another remedy is to make it (biological insecticide) by spraying it also by using it.


Any kind of land and climate should be for the cultivation of Loki

The cultivation of loci requires temperate climatic conditions. To get more production in the kharif crop, the best drained land is best. And in order to take a production in Zayed, it can be done only in both balumi loam and loamer soil. For this, the temperature is best for 20-30 centigrade. goes

pest management

On the gourd there is an outbreak of flies which cause most leaf-feeding insects and flowering flowers. To avoid all this, make a biological pesticide at your own home and keep flowing lightly on your gourd plant every week.

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