rainy season vegetables

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We often keep giving you the idea of ​​growing vegetables at home. There are many advantages to growing vegetables in the garden. My opinion is that every man should grow something or something in his or her garden. As the rainy season is coming, today we will give you information about the vegetables grown in the rainy season.

Rainy season vegetables


Many vegetables are grown during the rainy season. Just like bitter gourds, beans, beans, pumpkin, guar pods, gourd, tomai, tindi, chilli, eggplant, arabi, and many other vegetables you can grow in your garden.

What to do to grow vegetables


To grow vegetables at home, you can use old buckets, containers, maats etc. Vegetable seeds you can take from the nearest market or I have given the link below. You can also order seeds from the online market. Get good vegetables Always use good company seeds for this

Manure and pesticide


If you are growing vegetables at home then you should always use the medicine made from organic pesticides i.e. neem etc. Due to need of dung, cow dung can use compost or compost made from household waste.
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