Garden problem in winter

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Today, we will give you information about the common diseases of plants in the winter season. As winter arrives, flowers come out of our garden. The colorful flowers are decorated with a garden. By looking at the colorful flowers, kind of insects - the spiders also start attracting towards our plants. There are some common diseases that harm our plants in this season. Today we will introduce you to the same common diseases. Together they also gave the remedies to remove them.
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Diseases in winter season -

Growth of plants along with cold growth also stops, and in this season, the blight of yellow flowers blooms your plants. If you have yellow flowers in your garden, then the small insects are yellow in color They will stick to the flowers, they suck juice from flowers and gradually spoil your plant.

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Prevention -

For the prevention of mahu insect, you should first give your plant water after sunlight after bathing. After that, add a little lemon juice to pesticides made of neem leaves and sprinkle it on plants twice a week. This will end up with your plant. If this remedy is not ending with your plant, then the market You can sprinkle on your plant by purchasing any ordinary pesticide.

Fungus -

When there is no sunlight in the winter, the water gets deposited in the roots of the plants, due to the decrease in temperature, inside your plant, the fungus gets inside. That which gradually damages the root of your plant, end your plant. The best way to avoid fungus is by giving you limited amount of water in your plants. Also, from time to time, in your pallets or in the soil, continue to rinse the plants where the plants are engaged, and keep the plants in high brightness for two days.

Leaf worms also enter your garden in the winter season, you can save your plants from insects by spraying ashes in the morning to protect the leaves from insect pests. In addition to this, arrange for lighting in your garden, make big trees cut down on the trees. For those who come to the sun in your garden, water should be reduced and only when you need it. Always try to give fresh water so that your plants do not look fungus and the growth of plants is always good.

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