These 5 plants will make the air of your home clean

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Nowadays, the whole world including entire India is in the grip of pollution, people are winding around everywhere. In water, food etc., there is trouble with pollution. We have brought a small solution to this. If you are fond of planting then it is a very good thing. Some trees and plants are such that naturally purifies the air for us, which you can clean your home's air by putting them in the house.


The plants that can change your living standards

1- Aloe vera -

Today, the use of Aloe vera is known by people as medicine. Many presses are being made from Aloe vera in the market. We can do it in our domestic use. But everybody knows this and very few people do not know that Aloe vera plant cleanses our envelopment. This plant removes pollution in the house and purifies the air of the house. It also gets in the market very easily and in lesser money.

2-Areca Palm Plant -

Areca palm is easy to maintain and can be kept anywhere in the house. If there is a new furniture or carpet in the house, then this plant can be easily placed as it does not leave any kind of stains and does not spread the dirt. If this plant is kept properly in the bedroom, then you get the best benefits. can give. This plant has very little sunshine ... and keeps the house cool. - It keeps us away from poisonous elements like carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and gelene. People decorate it as well as in the house

3- Spider Plant -

Spider Plant keeps the carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde and gelinin away from our lungs and heart harmful substances. It is planted for home decoration. Spider Plant It is also available not only in green but also in many other colors. Most of its leaves are in green and white shades. You can grow them in a small pot easily, you can grow it in July, Spider Plant This plant is also known as chlorophytum comosom. The special thing of this plant is that it protects us from many polluted elements.

4- Money Plant

The Money Plant cleans the chemical toxins from the air and releases the air into the air. But it protects the house from the contaminated air arising due to smog. It grows very easily and keeps the toxic elements of air in the house, especially the formaldehyde away.

5-Tulsi -
 Tulsi plant is worshiped in every house in India. This is a plant that makes the negative energy of every household positive, keeps the environment clean; it is said in the scriptures that the sin of the people will be destroyed by applying basil, by raising, by irrigation, by seeing it, by touching it It protects the environment and the environment.It is not so happy in this unsurpassed environment of today, the Basil plant frees the atmosphere of the air from the dangerous virus. All the parts of the rituals, flower roots, etc. come to our work. The house where basil leaves are planted, the mosquito does not grow.


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