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If you try a little bit then you can grow a chemical-free nutritious vegetable at your own home. It can only be from the idea of ​​thinking about your thinking and doing something new. If you want you can make your own kitchen garden at home and eat delicious and health-enhancing vegetables. Where to build a kitchen garden, how do you make tension? You do not have to tension. You need a little money and a little bit of passion. I am Ravindra and you are with us. At Home Garden, today we will tell you to grow vegetables at your home.

Getting fresh vegetables in big cities has become very rare, people are very upset. Stale vegetables account has become tight. Today we will tell you how you can grow vegetables in your home on your roof, in the balcony.

Choice of place for kitchen garden

▪ Look if you do not have the land.You live in the flat .This is not your own garden again .There is no need to be disappointed. You need some things, some old buckets some old containers and you want Then in the plastic bottle can also grow vegetables.

▪ You do not have to spend more money to plant or grow vegetables, for this, you can use your household's old stuff like bucket mots, containers, thermocol box etc. Take an old container and add a mixture of soil and dung compost, then you can grow any vegetable in it. As the spinach is fenugreek is radish, besides many other vegetables can be grown easily.

If the size of the pot is normal then it is enough. 10 to 12 inches of pomegranate is enough. Try that you take the clay. The soil of the soil is the best gourd for the growth of the plant. If you are not getting clay, then you can also use plastic gums.

Where do the vegetables get seeds of plants

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Before growing vegetables, we have to do some homework, how much space do we have? Where does the rain fall in the rain water? The plants which require more sunlight will plant strong plants like chilli plants are brinjal is tomato. Apart from this, we can plant an indoor plant where there is less sunlight.

▪ Seeds always try to take the natural fruits and vegetables grown from indigenous seeds are very tasty if you want to start growing vegetables then you can also use hybrid seed. You can buy garden goods from your local market. All types of seeds and gardening accessories are available easily in the online market too.

Easy-growing vegetables

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If you are starting to grow vegetables then start with some easy-to-grow vegetables. Like the brinjal, tomato is ready within 40 to 45 days. Spinach, Mint, Coriander Curry Leaf, Basil, Fenugreek, all these vegetables can be easily grown in small containers in the balcony. The vine of vegetables like bitter gourd, cucumber and cucumber will give you fruit and vegetables as well as the beauty of your kitchen garden will also increase.

▪ Remember to start with simple things like puddina is chili or basil like poultry tomato, you can start growing first. Those who are green vegetables do not need much space.

▪ We can grow these vegetables very easily at our home according to our needs.

▪ If you have a garden or a lane, then you can grow big plants like fruit trees such as pomegranate guava. For the use of home, something like turmeric is fenugreek, it is powdina.

How to prepare the soil for the kitchen garden


The most important thing to grow a vegetable is preparing the soil, preparing fertilizer for the kitchen garden, which has plenty of energy for plants. It is very easy to prepare. And its results also come great. You can make organic compost easily with the accessories available at your house. We have given you information in the earlier articles that you have given the kitchen waste How can you make good compost from?

▪ Arrange to make compost compost in one corner of your kitchen garden so that you have to take food from the outside for your kitchen garden. In the beginning you can take compost or dung manure from your neighboring nursery. Keep in mind Use only organic compost to grow vegetables.

Pesticide choice

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If you are growing vegetables, do not use chemical insecticides that will harm the two vegetables also. If you want, you can make organic insecticides yourself. For this you can also use insecticide or wood ash made of neem leaf. Build Organic Manure You can bring the mustard oil in the market. And keep it for a night to be soaked. After soaking overnight, you will get the paste of mustard paste as a paste. Put this paste in the amount of 100 grams in 10 liters of water and make the solution. Allow this solution to give 10 gram per plant per week for each plant. You can reduce the amount of it in smaller plants.

▪ In addition, kitchen waste compost compost and vermicompost compost can be used in your plants.

How to apply small plants

Before planting, you can add more

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