How to make Matka Khad (Organic Fertiluzer )

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Nowadays, chemical fertilizers are being used in agriculture so much that the natural structure of farming has changed, no vegetables or fruits will be eatable. It contains some quantities of chemical pesticides. Keeping in mind, today we will tell you to make a very good organic manure.
The name of this organic manure is Matka compost. Yes, friends, you can understand only through the name of Matka, which is a pot made from clay. In the summer, we are the ones who take the task of cooling the water. That is exactly what you should have with a bigger pot and with that pot you will be able to make a very good organic manure for the garden for your farm, for the knowledge related to organic manure You are following our blog, this is the best way to cultivate a safe and natural way, much more effective than biological composting chemical fertilizers.

■ Materials required to make maize manure :

You will have to take a large quantity of 20 to 30 liters to make the Matka manure. 10 liters of cow cow, 10 kg fresh cow's cow dung. If you do not have cow cow dung, you can take dung of domestic buffalo. Kilogram gram of jaggery, half a kilo gram dal of bran or gram flour and 1 kg of soil under banyan tree.

■ Method of making manure compost

First of all, you must wash it with clean water and take it away. Keep in mind that the pot should not be broken. After that, put cow urine and cow dung in the pot and put it under the gram dal and banyan plant, Mix it well in a shady place and keep mixing this mixture with the help of a stick once daily. For around 15 days, you have to repeat this process again. After 15 days, this bacterium culture will be ready in this mat. This organic manure will not be less than any boon for you.

How to use Matka manure.( Organic fertilizer )

Mix about 10 liters of Matka manure in 200 liters of water. Sprinkle this 200 liters of Matka manure in 1 acre area. Keep in mind, there should be moisture in the soil while spraying. If your crop is ripe, then in the middle There is a place in which you can sprinkle the manna manure. After about 20 days, you sprinkle this manure again in your field. By adopting this process your crop will increase. The crop will not increase in the crop. The yield will increase and you will not need the chemical compost, thus you will become self-sufficient.
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