The reason for not flowering at hibiscus

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If beautiful flowers are planted in the garden, then a beautiful look is made in the garden, always in the garden should be planted some evergreen flowers, so that the flowers remain out of the garden. Some plants keep giving flowers for the whole year. One of the plants is Gulgah. Gunghal gives flowers in many colors and different shapes like shape. Foreign tasting can also be grown in the cutting. Many people did not get flowers on the Gulhal plants. Today we are going to tell you that what can be the reason for not flowering at your Gunghal. And it can be corrected in what way.

Reason for not flowering on Hibiscus's plant

 ● Manure shortage -

The plant does not get full nutrition due to lack of manure, due to this, the growth of the plant is affected. Those plants do not have flowers. Your gullet can dry out and die if there is a continuous decrease of manure in the plant.

■ Prevention - Apply compost or cow dung compost once in every 15 days in Gwahal's plant. Make sure to add some quantity (20,30 gram) of banana peel fertilizer or bone meal fertilizer once in 30 days.

● Decrease of sunlight-

Plants giving more fruitful flowers also need a lot of sunlight. If there is a lack of sunlight for both Gunghal and Gulab plants then the flowering will decrease. Due to the lack of sunlight, chlorophyll in the plant is not made, due to the lack of chlorophyll, the process of making the food in the plant is affected. Which leaves the plants begin to fall down yellowishly.

■ prevention- Keep plant gases in such a place where there is plenty of sunlight for 5-6 hours. Plants can be given full sunlight during the siege. In summer it can be avoided with strong heat by putting Green Net. Once the green net is planted, your plants will be able to take sunlight according to the need. And plants will not even die.

● Due to Mealy bugs-

One of the most dangerous diseases of Ghuhal is mealy bugs, white viscous small parasite insects which cling to soft branches of Ghehhal. This insect sucks the juice from branches and flowers. Those branches of the plant begin to dry. The buds also fall yellowishly. If Mali Bug is not treated at the right time, your plant may dry up and die.

■ To eliminate the prevention-mealy bugs, make pesticides from the leaves of neem.In a liter neem insecticide add 20ml lemon juice or 2 grams of detergent powder and sprinkle it over the mealy bugs. When we are sprayed with two-day intervals in the week, we get rid of mealy bugs.

You can also use chemical insecticides if you do not have mealy bugs in the organic way, but do not sprinkle them on vegetables.

● Due to not doing pruning-

If you want to take flowers continuously, you should do pruning from time to time. Once a year, the plant's stems and joints become stronger after planting a few times a year. Plants the nutrients needed to replenish again. If the flowers are getting smaller on your ankle or the leaves of the plant are getting smaller.Then once in February March, the entire plant should be done and once in July, light pruning should be done.

 ● Flowers sometimes stop when planting more pesticides on the plant. Therefore, use at least pesticides. Try to remove the diseases of plants by natural means. Avoid chipping of chemical pesticides in fruits and vegetables.

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