The reason for flowering and its solution from chilli

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All of us are doing wonderful work to grow vegetables in the garden of our house nowadays. Chilli is one of the very easy-to-grow vegetables in our vegetables.Mirch plants are first grown from seed. Then the small pieces of chilli Plants are planted in place. Chillies start coming after 40 to 50 days after planting the mango tree in the ground. But the problem of flowering in chilli is seen as the most common problem. Today we will know how to avoid this problem. First of all, we have to know why this problem comes in chilly plants?

The reason for chilli flowering-

There may be many reasons for falling flower from chillies. Let's know what can be the problem with your plants.

● Bending of leaves - This is a viral disease. Due to this disease, the new leaves of the chilli plant begin to dry. The whole plant falls short of this disease. The development of the plant stops and the flowers do not come on the plant nor the flowers that have come also fall.

■ Treatment - Sprinkle anti-phosphoric medicines on the chilly plant. Tear off the top branch of the pulp and press it in the ground. If the plant has worsened, then grind it and put it in the ground.

Propagite as a chemical treatment

● By giving more water to the plant-

In chilli or other vegetables, if you give more water at the time of flowering, then the flowers will fall down yellow. The physical development of the plant starts to give more water. But even after flowering, fruit is not made.

■ Treatment- After the flowering of the chilli plant, the amount of water giving the plants should be reduced to the fruit. But after harvesting the fruits start giving water according to the season.

Compost- The ability to produce fruit also affects the ability of fertilizers in plants. If the plant does not get complete nutrition then fruits will not come.

Careful of chilli plants-

• In the chilly plant, give dung manure or compost twice a month.

• Once the proper development of the plant, let the plant be exposed to bright sunlight once in 20 to 25 days. Do not give water for two days at all. Then dried or ground soil completely dry. Then give some water in the plant and give it water. This is the oldest technique to bring fruit on the chilli plant.

• Cholesterol is the largest outbreak of leukemia. Therefore, keep filtering anti phagocytic medicines from time to time.
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