The Bottle gourd's fruit will not rot

The Bottle gourd's fruit will not rot

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Nowadays many people are starting to grow vegetables in the garden of their house.This is a very good thing that we grow vegetables for our own use.Our vegetables are fresh and nutritious.When we grow vegetables at home Then there are diseases on the vegetables too. If you have a disease on the vegetables, you should always use the medicine medicine. Do not forget that today we will tell you the remedy for the gourd which will fall and fall. If you have grown gourd plant then you will know that small gourds of gourd fall and fall. Let us know today why it is and how it can be overcome.

The reason for black gourds of gourd fruit-

There are two causes of gourd or blackening of gourd fruit.

1- By giving water continuously, the plant becomes a victim of watering. At the time of the rain, the small fruits of the gourd begin to deteriorate. And yellow feathers fall.

2- On a small fruit of gourd, a fruit flyer flies its egg inside the fruit. The eggs begin to grow slowly. This also causes the gourd fruit fall dark. And we do not get the gourmet meal.


There are some ways to avoid the above two problems. If you use those solutions, then surely your gourd will be safe.

Do not give more water to the gourd plant when 1-flowering fruit results. Keep proper arrangement to get extra water. Make soil cold so that excess water can get out of the pot even after rainy season.

● Clean fangicide can be dispersed when excessive illness is concerned. Put 2 grams of clean powder in one liter of water and sprinkle it.

2- If the fruits of your gourd are black, then this fruit can be due to the flyer fly.If you do this, you have to make pesticides with neem leaves.

Neem pesticides

 2 liters of clean water

200 g neem leaves.

Gentle branches of neem 100 grams.

Stove and vessel in which to heat the water in which this pesticide can be heated.

First of all, you can take clean neem leaves with clean neem plants and also take some branches. Let the neem leaves and branches warm slowly on fire in one to two liters of water. After about 20 minutes leave this water to cool down. When it is hot, filter it in a bottle by sieve it with cloth or cloth Make your neem insecticide ready.

In the method of experiment- Neem insecticide, you do not have to mix water separately. Two times in the week, it sprinkles on your gourd plant. Any fruit in the future will not be bad again.

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