How to grow plants fast in rainy season

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All you want is to keep your beautiful flowers blossoming in your garden every season.For this, you also have to plant flower plants in your garden. Today, we will show you the plants that are grown from Bulb (lump / tub) in the rainy season. You will be told about this. Bulb flowering plants grow easily and grow very fast. So let's know that which plants you can grow in July.
■ Bulb Flowering Plants -
Gladius, Fresaia, Spreraxish, saffron bulb, Rain lily, Oxalis, ornithogallum etc. You can grow this and some other bulb plants.
■ Preparation of soil for bulb flowering plant-
Baloo loam clay is best for planting these plants. If you have to take quick flowers, then grow the sand in the smooth soil and mix their bulbs.
Ordinary soil - 50%
Compost / Gobar Khad-30%
Sand / Sand-20%
Mud also contain fungicides in some quantities.
Prepare a day before applying soil bulb. Apply the bulb on the second day to make a paste.
■ depth of soil in the bulb.
Do not darken bulb flowering plant bulbs 1.5 or 2 inches deep. Applying a bulb in more depth can cause the bulb to bite before it grows. There should be at least 1 inch soil layer on the bulb. The bulb can be damaged by sunlight when open.
■  Pots
Use the minimum pots for at least 8 inches to apply these bulbs.If you want to take more beautiful flowers then put them in the ground. 12 inch gum is best for them.
■ Watering -
Until your bulb grows, water is very thoughtful. It should only remain moist in the water. Give water only when the soil becomes dry after drying. If you keep giving water constantly Then your plants may be stuck with more water.
■ Fertilizer -
You do not give any fertilizer till the bulb grows. When your plant gets a lot. Then once in every 15 days you can give cow dung / compost to 30 to 50 grams in every pot. 2 Once a month you put some amount of NPK 19:19:19 in your plants.
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