Maintain Garden in Summer season

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As you all know, maintaining a garden in the summer season becomes a bit difficult. Along with environmental problems, the development of plants also stops. Today we will tell you what fertilizers can be given in your plants during this season. If you like our information, please do not hesitate to let us know by your comments.

Quantification of summer manure -
After March, Northern India there is too much hot weather in the × × It is even more difficult. If you do not use chemical fertilizers in your plants during the summer season, then it is more correct. Organic manure does not get very hot and it will be beneficial for your plants. If you use chemical fertilizers, then reduce the amount of fertilizer 50% less than before.

As if you were giving 100 grams of fertilizer once in a pots / plants once in every 30, then now make the amount of fertilizer 50 grams. And after 40 days, you should fertilize 40 days later.
Benefits of manure reduction
1-Your plants will not burn when it is hot weather.
2-plants will not need much water.
3-Soil alkalinity will not change.
4-flowers and fruits will not fall.

Summer season-
1-dung manure (should be fully decomposed)
2-Vermicompost (earthworm manure)
3-Kitchenwest Fertilizer
4- organic culture manure
5-Banana Peel Fertilizer Compost
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