How to make fertilizer from kitchen waste || kitchten wast fertilizer

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As you all know, we periodically bring interesting and useful information for you. In this order we have brought important information for you today, what precautions should be taken while cooking manure from Kitchen West? Vegetable farming is its own importance in the garden. The point of eating your own collected vegetables is different. If you want to have beautiful healthy and nutritious vegetables in your garden. So you have to put good organic manure in them too. By applying chemical fertilizer, vegetables are good enough. But they contain the amount of fertilizer that is not beneficial for our health. Therefore, we request that you always use organic fertilizer only in your vegetables. Now, we will tell you today that if you are making fertilizer from the kitchen waste at home, then you have to keep the precautions. First thing you will do.

What is the Kitchen Wast :

Friends, Kitchen Wast means that our remaining vegetables are included in vegetable peels, fruit peels, lentil shells or flowers leaves and home waste. Keep in mind there should not be polythene. In every household, 1 to 2 kg of kitchen waste comes out daily. In this way you can easily make organic manure for your garden.
The way to make organic manure is to be used in order to make organic manure. We need a container in which we can store our kitchen waste. For that you can also use a pottery, a plastic container of plastic, a bucket or a box of thermocol. Keep in mind that if we have to make organic manure for a long time then whatever box we use should be strong and at the same time its quality should also be good.

Ways to make Kitchen West Composting:

Organic manure is made of two types (1) We only need to put it in our waste box, do not mix it. Put together the box and put them together and after about 6 months our compost is ready in that box.
(2) In other ways, we put the kitchen waste in the boz slow-slower, and after some time, with the help of sticks in the box, the residual material (vegetable peels etc.) continue to shake. You can also make compost in a similar way.

Precautions in making kitchen waste manure

▪ Keep in mind the Kitchen West, there should not be any polythene, piece of iron or a piece of plastic.
▪ Kitchen Wastes, use whatever container to keep the compost during composting. Keep it in a cool and ventilated place. Do not keep in the open sun.
▪ Keep the box lid closed while making kitchen waste.
▪ Kitchen waste can also be used in the form of newspaper or paper pieces with vegetable peels etc.
▪ Cook vegetables, do not put fried vegetables, fast food in the compost today.
▪ Do not use any Kitchen West compost before 6 months.
▪ Remember to keep clean while cleaning compost; Keep your hands confined.
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