How to Grow Petunia & care tips

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You will be all familiar with Petunia. On Pleunia, beautiful flowers come in the winter season. Petunia is of two types:
a large flower petunia and a small flower petunia. Small flowering petunia plants have very high flowing. While large flowering petunia give less flowers. You can plant both types of plants very easily in your garden. The time of claying in northern India is from September to October, it is grown by seed. You can also bring plates from your nursery to the plant by bringing the plants.
■Sowing Seeds
The time for seed to grow You can grow the seeds of Petunia from October to December. Pitoonia also grows in the nursery area. If you are growing citrus groves, then grow in October.
■■ Petunia seeds
The seeds of Pituniya are very fine.Petuniya seeds need strong sunlight to grow. After 4 weeks of germination of seeds, you can shift the small plants to the pots. More small plants should be kept under GreenNet.
■ Soil for petunia
To grow fine seeds of petunias use only Cocopeat or sand sand. The seeds of petunions are very fine. And it also does not sprout easily. If petunia takes longer than a week, then if your If you do not germinate seeds then you do not need to bake. Just wait
▪Cocopeat -80%
▪Compost- 20 %

You can also mix some fungicide in the soil to prevent fungus.
* When growing any seed of winter time, keep the quantity of sand in the soil. Also add some dung manure in the soil. So that the seeds can grow properly after germination. India has a lot of heat in the middle of October to mid-November. So there is a danger of burning of small seedlings at that time. So you can use the Green Net to save your small plants from the sun They can also keep their seedling under a big plant.
After 45 days of sowing the seeds, your pitoons are ready to be planted in gaps. In the pitches, fill the mixture of dung manure along with the natural soil so that there are plenty of flowers on your pitoons.
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