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All the friends are welcome once again, friends on this bogger. Today we are going to talk about a very useful plant, whose name is Padina. Yes Yes Friends, all of you will have eaten chapati. If you do not eat chutney then the pillow of green puddin will be eaten. You can not forget the mint when drinking stomach during the summer or when you drink sugarcane juice. Today we will tell you how to grow it at home. I will.

The right time to apply peppermint


In northern India, mint can be planted more frequently than leaving the winter. However, the right time to cultivate it is in the march when it is planted in the ridge. You can also grow it in the rainy season.

What to do for peppermint at home?


Peppermint is so useful that you should definitely put it at home. You can grow it very easily in a pot. If you have the peppermint for applying it, it is the best. Apart from this, buying mint from the market can also be used for cutting.

Preparation of Soil-


Peppermint likes salty loamy and smooth soil. Grow it in a matte that can stay moisture for a long time. After one week of cutting, it starts germination. After a month, start pruning of new growing mint. With this, it will grow well.


Mud paddy does not need much fertilizer. Only once in the month, after dung / compost manure, it keeps on improving. Chemical fertilizers should be given very little and if you use less in eating things, then it will be better.

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