How to grow Lemon plants in indoor

How to grow the lemon plant in indoor

How to grow any plant, the wind is as important as the water, the more important is the light of the sun. With the help of light, the plants make the food. So if we plant the lemon plant in the indoor If we want, we will need some special care.

-To grow indoor lime you have to choose  good fertilizer soil. If your soil is full of nutrients then the plant will develop properly. Whatever soil you take for lemon plant, it should be mixed with mineral salts. Lime plants need about 12 hours of sunlight. Therefore, when planting the lemon plant in the indoor,   

keep the plant near a window where the sunlight So can come The plant does not develop properly when the sun does not get sunlight, so once a week you keep your plant out of the house for some time.

-If you have insulated the lemon plant, then cut off its spare twig. Use more nitrogen fertilizers in the middle. Due to the middle of the lime plant, mealy bug is attacked etc. Besides, the leaves of the plant also fall yellow. . For this time, the spraying of medicines from time to time. Due to not getting enough sunlight in the house, there is danger of fungus. For this, you need to add charcoal to the soil.
Due to mosquitoes and spider on lemon plants, many diseases get thrived, so keep the lemon plant in high bright sunlight from time to time. 

4-The chemical fertilizers should not be used in the lemon plant. The best compost for the composted composted compote lime plant. Three times a year you can fertilize the lemon plant.

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