how to grow ginger

Ginger is very easy to grow at home.  ginger has become a major part of our food. The correct time to cultivate ginger in northern India is March-April. But ginger planted in the garden of the house all year long Junk is a tubing plant which develops rapidly. You can also grow ginger in one pan from the pan.

■ Preparation of ginger at home

Some healthy pulses of ginger (raw ginger) that are not rotten. Palea mud, cow dung or compost manure, a gum or container 12 inches or more in which ginger can be grown.

■ weather and soil to grow ginger

Ginger grows very well in sandy soils. It should be well drained soil. Even black soil is very good for ginger growing. If the yellow soil is found then the ginger will grow very well. There is a need for rainy season for the soil. Normal rainfall should be the main thing is that rain water should not stay in ginger or tamarind water.

■ Weather for ginger at home

Always keep ginger at home in the open. Every day you can give water. Do not fill water in the pot of Vermicelli or it can taste small ginger plants. If you are living in the city then you can also grow ginger in the balcony. Ginger can also be grown in the composited soil. But while using cocopeat, make more holes to get out of pomegranate.

■ Method of ginger put

Firstly, prepare a mixture by mixing 80% soil and 20% compost (compost or cow dung). Fill this prepared clay mixture in your pot or container, press the clay, press it so that the pot can bring more soil Leave some place above the ground. After that, ginger pieces in the half-inch depth in the soil. Sprinkle some soil from above and cover the ginger. If you like, do not forget to wear ginger Can spray fungicide Hankjisse bulb not Sdaege ginger.

After this, give plenty of water to the pot in a good amount of water. You should keep this bag open in the open. You should keep moisture in the pot of potatoes, so if you want, you can give water everyday. Do not fill more water in the pot. are. After one week germination starts germination. The ginger plants begin to grow slowly

■ Ginger supervision

Caring for ginger at home is very simple. It is a plant growing from the tub, so once more you need to take care of it in the soil. At time, you can give some dung to it.

• Ginger should be nutritious in grapes, due to the fact that ginger can not be developed.

• Incense is good for good ginger so you can grow it out in the open.

■ when ginger harvest

Ginger can be removed for use in the soil after 4 months of use. Ginger is ready after at least 6 months. You do not completely remove the ginger ginger from the ginger plant grown at home, but the time - At the time, a little bit of ginger kept on removing the clay from the soil. This will also keep you fresh ginger and also increase in the soil because when you remove some ginger pulp from the soil then there Will be empty Kjisse ginger will have more space for development.

In this manner you can get ginger for a number of years by putting ginger. The roots of ginger spread very rapidly inside the soil and in a few months you have a lot of ginger.


• 4,5 days before ginger should be laid in the soil, it should be dry in the place of windy shade.

• If you are cultivating ginger, then before ginger can be put into the ground, make sure to spray the fungicide. It will not rot before the ginger grows.

• The gum which you are taking to grow ginger is much better if it is more deep than the Ganga, because new ginger plants come out from the ginger's grapes.


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