How to save chilli, tomatoes from leaf curl?

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All of you are welcome once again on our blogger. It is a very good thing for you to grow plants and vegetables in your homes. The leaf curl is called leaf syndrome disease, which is the biggest outbreak of disease in our vegetable plants after rainy season. Friends, today we will tell you how to save your plants (vegetables) from this disease

■ Leaf curl Foliure contraction -

It is a fungal disease which attacks plants on a fast pace in the rainy season. First of all, the leaves of the plant begin to dry with white color. Then gradually the entire plant falls into the trap of this disease. The development of the plant with sickle stops. Fruit, flowers do not come only. If the flower comes even then it falls before it becomes fruit. The size of the fruit will be small, the tad will be baked. The complete crop of the entire crop can destroy the disease.

■ the worst food vegetables

Chilli plants, tomatoes, brinjal, papaya, cough plants etc. Many plants come in the grip of this disease very quickly. Chilli tomato and papaya plants make this disease the worst.

■ Leaf curl cause of disease spread

The fungus becomes effective due to excessive water stays in the root of the plant during the rainy season. After the rainy season in the rainy season, sunlight increases the humidity in the weather, which increases the dry disease further. Therefore, in the rainy season, you do not fill the water in your plants.

■ cure of jerking, foliage contraction, leaf curl

There are two ways to remove leaf curl disease from one of the chemical medicines and the second home remedy, we are telling you both ways.

● Chemical medicine -

Fungicide medicines named Saff and Bavistin are both. Both are very good quality chemical fungicide medicines. Dissolve 2 grams of one of these medicines in one liter of water and sprinkle on the diseased plant. After spraying 3 times a week, this leafy symptomatology is eliminated.

● Domestic way -

Under the home remedies, we will tell you to make a homemade fungicide. This natural fungicide can be made very easily at home.

■ Material needed to make fungicide (1 liter drug)

1 -1.5 liter buttermilk

Copper vessel of 2 - 2 liter capacity

3- No copper wire or wire when there is no copper vesse

■ Fungicide Forming Method -

This is a very simple method. You do not have to do anything in it. In this method, we will need some buttermilk. Fill the nails in a large copper vessel and cover it for approximately 7-15 days. After about two weeks, sulfur present in buttermilk, operation with copper is converted into cappar sulphate. Caper sulphate, which is a very good fungicide. This leaf is used as an exact drug for curl disease. After 15 days your medicine is ready to sprinkle on plants.

note -

If you do not have copper utensil, fill the buttermilk in some clay / plastic utensil, then add any copper wire or nuts, bolts in it. You can also make fungicide medication.

■ how to sprinkle

See if leaf curl disease is very effective on your plant, then do not mix the water in this medicine at all. If you prepare the fungicide ready, directly on the patient plants, sprinkle three times a week. But if you have too many plants or are in the early stages of the disease, then 50% of these fungicide and 50% of water should be sprayed on medicine plants thrice a week. Your plants will be healthy soon.

■ Precautions

• The buttermilk used to make fungicide should be purified, i.e. there is no other thing (salt etc.) mixed in it.

• Keep the buttermilk in a copper vessel for at least 10 days. Fill the buttermilk into a plastic vessel and put copper wire in it. If you do not have a utensil, it will be ready for you as a fungicide medicine.

• If the spraying of medicines after sunlight is more effective.

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