Caring Jasmine Rainy season

                     Caring Jasmine  Rainy season

Both Mogra and Jasmine are the names of the same plants. And there will hardly be someone who is not gardening who is not familiar with these plants. Mogra is a very beautiful flowering plant, and it leaves the winter and gives the lovely sweet flowers, which gives the sweet scent of the whole year. Today we will tell Mogra to look after the rainy season. Friends, to take good flowers and fruits from any plant, it needs to look a bit different in the rainy season. Through which the plant can give you good fruit and flowers throughout the year

 Monitoring of Jasmine

Friends, there is considerable rainfall during rainy season, and if more rain gets filled in gills or fills in the ground, then your mogra can rot in that situation. So always keep the right holes in the gram to get extra water of rain. Plant mogra plants at some height on the ground. If there is too much flower on Magra, then it also needs very good manure. So every 15 days, you can fertilize 50-60 grams of manure compost or compost once in Jasmine. Once the phosphate or banana peel fertilizer is fertilized in 3 months, it is possible to remove the problem of yellowing leaves in Mogra.

Pruning of Jasmine 

 Friends, if you want to consistently flower and fruit on any plant, it is very important to harvest them from time to time. Magura, Gulab and Gulhad, if you do not pruning timely harvesting of these plants You will not get the right flower If the flowers are found then their size will be small. Jasmine should make a small pruning after fluoring. Old branches have to cut dry flowers and cut them off.

 Special care during rainy season -

There is a great risk of fungus during the rainy season. To avoid this, you should use any fungicide powder in your plant's joints like saaf powder once in 15 days. Apart from this, the wrath of the insects that eat leaves also prevents them from You can use organic pesticide made from neem leaves or sprinkle of wood ash. You can save your plants from insects that eat leaves. You should take care of these things. Gay we hope that you will take the very best flowers like you.

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