benefits of rainwater for plants

            benefits of rainwater for plants

The rain has exploded. The green foliage has started spreading all over and rain drops in Savan have completely moistened the entire season. In such cases, the plants have flown. Today we are going to talk about the benefits of rain water. Friends, rainwater is not less than nectar for plants. The water of the rain is completely cleansed and it is very useful. If you are fond of gardening and you planted saplings Are there. So, in these rains, you will definitely give rain water to your plants. If you get the water of the rain, your dead plants will also rise. This is my promise to you. Benefits of rainwater


Friends, rain water from the sky is absolutely clear. The PH value of this is also very low and there are no other impurities. For this reason, the plants absorb this water very easily. And due to that, they begin to grow at very fast. You should have seen rain If you give green water to those plants that are green, then you will not be able to see it at that time.

 The way to give rain water -

Friends, if you have planted saplings in this plant, then in this rain you keep your pots under the open sky, so that the rain water goes in them. In order to get water from the water due to excessive water, the holes in the gumles should be correct. Then you will not have any risk of death of plants. Similarly, your plants will get Amritmai rain water also. And your plants will also survive.

● When it rains, the dust that becomes dust particles on the leaves by the rains becomes clearer. The ability to absorb carbon in plants increases. The photosynthesis of sunlight also gets faster and more food is formed. It seems that the plants become strong and healthy.

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