Advantages of eating Amla fruits

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Nature has given a lot to the human being, many plants around us have filled the plants, on the four different types of fruits, our earth is filled with flowers. Today we have started talking about such a very useful fruit, which is very much in Ayurveda Is famous. We are talking about Amla's, Amla is a medicinal fruit. A lot of vitamins are found inside the gooseberry. Regular consumption of one fruit of the avalanche can save you from many types of diseases. It is so beneficial that in Ayurveda, it has been called ambrosia. You must have heard of it, the main element that is also in it is Amla. Today we will tell you how to use Amla, which makes Amla more beneficial for your health. The friends are salty in the nature of gooseberry. The raw oozing taste is a bit of astringent. Most of the vitamins C, Vitamin A vitamin B6 is found. Amla contains large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Anola is very beneficial for our eyes, hair, skin and immune system. Regular consumption of gooseberry enhances our immune system.
■ How to eat amla -
In the market, you will get amla marmalade, amla powders, amla pickle, and you will find lots of products from Amla. But the right way to eat amla is that you eat amla chewed empty stomach in the morning and eat it. You will get a lot of benefit from eating a flax and chewing meals every morning. You do not have to eat anything for 40 to 50 minutes of eating Amla. Tea coffee, milk nothing. Occasionally, amla provides coolness to the body so do not eat too much in the beginning. Start eating Amla in small quantities. After that, the quantity can be up to two amla per day.
■ Advantages of eating Amla-
As we told you, Amla benefits in more than 100 diseases. The most vitamin C is found in Amla. Vitamin C helps in oxidizing other vitamins in our body, so that other vitamins can digest our body easily. Vitamin-C is beneficial for our teeth and bones if you have skin problems or problems of bleeding (pyoria) in the gums, in that situation you also consume amla. You will get rid of pyrea.
■ Uses of Amla for eyes-
Mix fresh amla juice with morning and sunrise pepper, it is very beneficial for our eyes. Vitamin A is found in large amounts in Amla.Vitamin A is very important for healthy growth of eyes.If you like, you can put two drops of fresh amla juice in the eyes like a drop. This gives relief in cataract disease. is.
■ Use of Amla for problems related to stomach disorders -
Amla is found in large amounts of fiber. Fiber keeps our digestive system correct. So it is also beneficial for our stomach. The mango has removed the stomach's gas, indigestion, harassment etc.
■ Use of gooseberry for hair-
Amla is the most used for hair care. A mixture of oven, shikakai and rhee is used to blacken white hair. The hair of people consuming ovale quickly does not read white and does not fall as well. You must include at least one amla fruit in your food.
■ Use of gooseberry for diabetes-
If you have diabetes problems. Even then you can start taking amla sugar. Even diabetics have been found to be useful, due to its use the diabetes label is less.
• Always try to eat fresh amla.
• Raw Amla food is the best.
• If you do not get fresh amla, you can use it as a pickle, marmalade, chutney, chutney.
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