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                      We need more energy as winter comes. If you are thin and want your body to become strong, the winter season is the best weather to make yourself fit and healthy, today we will give you information about almonds. Almond is considered to be a very healthy dietary fruit. Today, you are going to get the health benefits of eating almonds. If you like to eat almonds, then today we tell the right way to eat almonds. People often eat almonds but they do not know. What is the right way to eat almonds? So that they have to suffer heavy loss before eating almonds, you should know that what is in the almond, which is why almonds are healthy

1- The right way to eat almonds -

         You are often advised to soak almonds and eat it, soaking almonds has doubled its benefits, especially soaked in almonds overnight and there are many benefits to eating the next morning if you like to eat almonds, but also from the idea of ​​eating almond almonds If you hate, you should change your mind. You can eat without soaked almonds etc. Dried fruits like cashews, walnuts, raisins and almonds are rich in calories and nutrients, but we tell you all the fruits are very hot so that you can eat almonds according to your physical capacity and The second Mewo should be consumed. Almonds have a lot of energy which makes our fresher upright. If you are young then you can eat almonds from 3 to 5 small children Programmed to not more than 2 almond meal

2-Benefits of eating almonds

By eating almonds, you get help in getting unblemished and healthy skin from inside. By consuming almonds daily, dark circles can be removed from under your eyes, eat almonds daily to stay healthy. Nutritics present in almonds also work to increase your mental capacity. Regular consumption of almonds also helps in removing diabetes. Minerals, vitamins, dietary fibers present in almonds, while keeping the brain fresh, are also helpful in body metabolism. Calcium is abundant in the almond The bones of the body are strengthened, hence the blood circulation remains smooth in our body.
 Keeping the heart out of the heart helps him work better


                Almond contains many nutrients. Protein, manganese, copper, riboflavin etc. are present. All these nutrients provide a lot of power and energy to the body. By consuming milk with almonds in the morning, the body gets full strength and it completely eliminates our weakness. Almond consumes almonds increases the amount of alpha tocopherol in the blood.

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4-Assistant to remove Motapa( Fat ) -

If you are becoming victim of obesity, then it is a problem of obesity that the disease is the root cause of diseases so that you should keep yourself fit. If you start eating some almonds daily which will provide the necessary nutrients for your body. It will happen. Then you will not get much hunger so that you will eat less. As a result, you will not be fat.

5-Loss of almonds may be caused by eating -

 A handful of almonds daily is beneficial for almond diet. But eating almonds more than this, we have many disadvantages, almonds have so much properties, so some people start consuming it more than they need, which benefits our health to deliver less harm. Vitamin E is very high in almonds, but more amounts of vitamin E may have to face many problems like fatigue, diarrhea fatigue, diarrhea headache, and flatulence.
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